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「北海道民謡 江差追分」



放送はNHK総合 3月12日(日)


I have created an animated visualization of the traditional Japanese folk song(Minyo), Esashi Oiwake.

Esashi Oiwake is a beatless music, characterized by a singing style that uses a variety of vibrato to extend the melody for a long time.

Oiwake was originally a horseman's song in Oiwake Village, Nagano Prefecture, but was introduced to Hokkaido through the merchant ship "Kitamaebune" in the Edo period (1603-1868) and developed. The lyrics express the lonely feelings of going to Ezochi (Hokkaido) by ship.

Our Japanese life has become far removed from these traditional folk songs, but I hope that by making this animation, I can create an opportunity for people to experience these unique traditions in a fresh way.

This animation will be broadcast on the Japanese broadcaster NHK, and then it will be posted on NHK for School, a website for children's learning.


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