TV / Music Video  ( 5min 0sec.)
TV / audiovisual  (123″)

NHK Eテレ「テクネ 映像の教室」のために制作した映像です。 
DTM is an abbreviation for DeskTop Music.
I have collected what is on the "desktop",
and made the rhythm by applying a time operation in each. 
It was created for NHK's television program TECHNE: Eizo no Kyoshitsu 
(TECHNE: The Visual Workshop, broadcast in August 2013). 
TECHNE is a program that introduces the wide array of technical methods 
involved in the creation of visual images. 
It contains a segment called "TECHNE Try," in which artists are challenged 
to create visual works using the technical method introduced in the episode. 
The theme assigned to me was Time Remap.