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 TV / Music Video  ( 5min 0sec.)
TV / audiovisual  (123″)



NHK Eテレの番組「テクネ 映像の教室」の中の、映像技法を指定されて作家が新作を作るコーナー「テクネ・トライ」 のために作りました。 いただいたお題は「時間操作」です。 撮影風景のメイキング映像とともに2013年8月に放映されました。

DTM is an abbreviation of "desktop music," a Japanglish word meaning music made at home on a computer.

In this video work, I collected objects that could be found on a desktop and made music by arranging the sounds they make.

It is a music concrète work with video.


It was created for NHK's TV program TECHNE: Eizo no Kyoshitsu (TECHNE: The Visual Workshop, broadcast in August 2013).

TECHNE is a program that introduces the wide array of technical methods involved in the creation of visual images.

It contains a segment called "TECHNE Try," in which artists are challenged to create visual works using the technical method introduced in the episode.

The theme assigned to me was Time Remap.

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